Hilot ( HEE-lot )

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God gave us hands to create and to produce, to nurture and instruct, to protect and to heal.

Traditional Hilot ( HEE-lot ) is an ancient Filipino art of healing with pahid  ( rub ) oil and warm banana leaf.

A manghihilot(Hilot practitioner) and the Albularyo (herbalist) are usually cheaper alternatives to medical doctors in the Philippines, especially in very deep rural areas.

A Manghihilot employs chiropractic-like manipulation and massage for the treatment of musculoskeletal ailments. They also have been known to reset dislocated and sprained joints such as the knee, ankle, fingers and metacarpal bones.

An Albolaryo use organic virgin coconut oil and fresh organic herbs, balm, liniment that uses traditional and natural ingredients that is indigenous to the Philippines in addition to nature wellness massage techniques to relax stressed muscles and unwell adult or child to relieves pains and fever. The term hilot is also applied to traditional midwives, licensed or otherwise.


Bullivant’s HILOT Traditional Hardworking Massage Oil

provides a refreshing effect leaving you feeling energised and renewed, through the long hours of works. The Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Ginger, Cinnamon, Marjoram and Oregano have a warming sensation helping soothe away muscular pain tension, swelling and warm the feet while the Basil, Peppermint gives you a delightful cooling effect. This combination may help tired, sore muscles become a thing of the past, provides a refreshing effect. Enriched with Vitamin A, E, and C, helping retain your skins’ natural moisture, making a natural, uplifting and effective traditional massage. Ideal for when you want to unwind and relax your body & soul for a healthier well being that moisturises as well as helping to rejuvenate tired sore muscles, leaving your skin looking naturally radiant, smooth and supple. This unique composition is not just a Traditional HILOT massage oil, it has a naturally in a exquisite floral aroma and FEVER RELIEF oil blend to effectively help maintain skin electrolyte balance, boost your immune system and Mental Clarity, while helping alleviate Headache, sore throats, cough and clear sinuses, Aids Wound Care, improves respiratory conditions and Earaches, reduces pain and inflammation and natural sore threat remedy, improves seasonal allergies and blood circulation. Relax and enjoy. 

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