Inspired by: Masculinity 
Perfume Category: Unisex
Fragrance Characteristics: Wisdom and warmth
Classification: Spicy/citrus
Scent Strength: Moderate
Scent Style: Casual/Daytime

Give Him Something Unique!

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BOLD- It’s the perfect harmony of Italian blend to warmth on your skin captures the season with a fresh and sensual fragrance full of scorching Mediterranean sun. Luxurious ingredients, a pure sweet vibration of bitter orange and lemon, and sweet osmanthus, lavender and neroli the freshness,  then come the spices – nutmeg and cumin. This becomes richer and denser, before finally being warmed by the woody aroma of cedar and patchouli, a wild spirited accord, persistent yet perfectly tamed in a unique perfume for both men and women alike. A symbol of wisdom and truth that reflects the blue of the skies. Each fragrance is housed in a unique bottle like the gem itself. As an authenticsense of smell representation of the Ms.Elle Bold pure essence oil the eternal nature of its spirit, but also the continuity of its powerful creativity. 

If you like CK or Armani this is for you. A gentleman's smell…

  • Long Lasting

  • Pure Essence

  • No Allergic Reaction

  • Fragrance last 8-10 Hrs on your skin

  • Does Not Contain Alcohol or Water

  • Can Be Worn By People With a Sensitive Nose or Skin

Buy this as a Lover gifts, Special someone or someone you love and care about and Tell Her Or Him If I Get Jealous, Yes, I Obviously Like You!