Inspired by: Magie Noire 
Perfume Category: Men and Unisex
Fragrance Characteristics: Exotic Bouquet
Classification: Sweet Floral/Earthy
Scent Strength: Strong
Scent Style: Night

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DESIRE - Is a classic Italian fragrance blend that has a unique composition: which does not follow the classical top note, middle note and base note development. It resembles a figure of eight: it opens and fully revels its character while the direction of its development suddenly changes, it starts to move in reverse direction which reveals this fragrance’s uniqueness, as it goes back to the original character note. It is one of the most bewitching oriental fragrances. this exotic bouquet starts with Bulgarian Rose and blackcurrant buds. It’s heart, the jasmine flame burns, blended with yang-ylang and amber, Rose, Bergamot, mandarin, Lychee and Lily of the valley. emphasizing the glamour and glory of a man and a woman. The heart blooms with seductive tuberose, which cleverly laid out on the base which is caramel, vanilla, sandalwood and white musk. A light flower, wood and citruses mixture. A very pleasant scent of an extremely sweet gentlemanly aroma that attracts all the ladies, day and night.

If you like Lancome, CK or Armani this is for you. 

Long Lasting

Pure Essence

No Allergic Reaction

Fragrance last 8-10 Hrs on your skin

Does Not Contain Alcohol or Water

Can Be Worn By People With a Sensitive Nose or Skin

Buy this as a Lover gifts, Special someone or someone you love and care about and Tell Her Your Not Just My Number One But YOURE MY ONE AND ONLY.