Inspired by: Secret of the Dessert
Perfume Category: Women’s and Unisex
Fragrance Characteristics: Sophisticated and charming
Classification: Floral Oriental
Scent Strength: Moderate 
Scent Style: Casual/Daytime/Night

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MYSTERY- A blend of deep flowers with a very sweet smell, grounding for women who are inclined to live outside their bodies, or who suppresses their femininity in favor of masculine statement. It creates a feeling of safe feminine expression. A fragrance built on the lush Persian Rose, the legendary blossom of the east has given a mysterious air via saffron, patchouli, a hint of Agarwood resin, lemon Citrus, Jasmine and a hint of sweet pineapple, sweet orange blossoms and white woods. This secret fusion mixture gives rise to its ancient Egyptian technique and elements of why it is called Secrets of the Desert. This seductive scent, will make you feel sexy, ultra feminine, Sophistication and charming. A fragrance Oil for special days.

If you like Red Dior you will love this fragrance! It is a MUST HAVE fragrance…

  • Long Lasting

  • Pure Essence

  • No Allergic Reaction

  • Fragrance last 8-10 Hrs on your skin

  • Does Not Contain Alcohol or Water

  • Can Be Worn By People With a Sensitive Nose or Skin

Buy this as a Lover gifts, Special someone or someone you love and care about and Tell Her You’re All I Honestly Think About. No One Else.