Inspired by: Chanel No.5
Perfume Category: Women’s
Fragrance Characteristics: Breathtakingly Elegant
Classification: Floral Oriental
Scent Strength: Strong  
Scent Style: Casual/ evening wear

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SOPHISTICATED-Is breath taking exclusive signature scent. An elegant, luxurious french blended essence of Sophisticated gives a taste of pure perfume oil in strength and character to adults. Adults need adult perfumes, which is definitely something that shouldn’t be needed to be said. It is a soothing, sensual. Opens with a floral fragrance and is classified as posh and pleasure-loving. Blending oils with top notes of precious Ylang-Ylang, bergamot, lemon,Jasmine, Neroli, Amber, May Rose, Iris, Patchouli and Sandalwood. Everything complexelegant, chic, and powerful in a woman.

If you like seductive or allure you will also love this fragrance! It is a PURE ESSENCE OIL PERFUME - VERY RARE & TOTALLY EXQUISITE!!!!

Women pure perfume that has a sense of sophistication and doesn't come off as being too candied

 Sophisticated Fragrance that Won’t Make You Smell Like A Baby Prostitute

  • Long Lasting

  • Pure Essence

  • No Allergic Reaction

  • Fragrance last 8-10 Hrs on your skin

  • Does Not Contain Alcohol or Water

  • Can Be Worn By People With a Sensitive Nose or Skin

Buy this as a Lover gifts, Special someone or someone you love and care about and Tell Her My Six Word Love Story: I Cant Imagine Life Without You!