Inspired by: King of Egypt
Perfume Category: Men and Unisex
Fragrance Characteristics: Classy, eternal, regal, seductive, and powerful.
Classification: Citrus/Woody Oriental
Scent Strength: Strong
Scent Style: Casual/Daytime/Night/Any time of day

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STATURE- It is a Superior Fragrance for a Superior Man !

An Egyptian intimate blend of Classy, eternal, regal, seductive, and powerful. A masterpiece of original creation inspired by King of Egypt walking into a pyramid full of gold and a collection of intriguing scents that catch your nose with every breath you take. Blue lotus, Neroli, white narcissus, Cleopatra's Rose a light flower from the garden of Eden and warm Spices from the local market.

The smokey dark amber resins, frankincense and smooth sandalwood bring together this wonderfully blended potion with a hint of citrus from Bergamot,  Mandarin, Orange, Lemon, patchouli and grapefruit. A defining aroma to say to someone special, your the one!

Long Lasting

Pure Essence

No Allergic Reaction

Fragrance last 8-10 Hrs on your skin

Does Not Contain Alcohol or Water

Can Be Worn By People With a Sensitive Nose or Skin

Buy this as a Lover gifts, Special someone or someone you love and care about and Tell Her My Happiness Is A Moment With You!