Organic Noni Detox

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Noni (Morinda Citrifolia Tree.) has a long and beautiful history as one of the oldest of the healing plants used by ancient Polynesians. For centuries the fermented juice of the NONI Fruit has been used as a general tonic for health. NONI is a super food and high in antioxidants to help boost and benefit the bodies Immune, Circulatory and Digestive systems. Noni is also good for your skin, nails and hair. 

You will love what it is going to do in your body. Remember? When you are green inside, your clean inside.


Take 2 tbsp or 30mL a day before breakfast. It can be mixed with fruit juice, Manuka Honey. Use as salad dressings or add to any of your favourite meals. Drink it like a wine juice for better health and longer life!


100% PURE WILD NONI FRUIT All Natural No Additives, Gluten and Soy Free, Nutrition Supplement. Traditional Health Remedy. This unique product made from NONI fruit harvested from trees free from pollution, fertiliser and pesticides.

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