Getting back to Nature.

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I’m Lydia Bullivant.

I would like to invite you to experience the endless health benefits of our family traditions which have been passed down through generations from the “force of nature” himself. Mr. Vaughan Bullivant, the mastermind behind household vitamin names such as Nature’s Own, Natural Nutrition and BioOrganics. Plus the Natural Alternative Brand that was only available through his chain of health food shops at the time. We were the leader of changing people from treating their health problems with harmful chemical drugs to the advantages of natural substances.

Our mission was and still is, to provide you with a greater quality of life through our range of natural organic health products. We use only the highest quality certified ingredients from pure organic fruit extracts, nuts, vegetables, herbs, essential oils and vitamins in thoughtful and carefully researched combinations designed to help you “ feel alive inside!”

Included in every one of our products is the love of helping others live a better, healthier life! The appreciation of nature and the inspiration we have received from the millions of our satisfied customers over the past 40 years of being the leader in  the natural health industry.